The Internet is a riveting tool for research, enabling efficient cost-effective data compilation, facilitating access to an array of samples and new populations. This book puts forward cutting edge guidelines to the Internet as a means of carrying out research in social and behavioral disciplines with the help of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches. Furthermore, this rewritten edition (a) discusses the development of Web 2.0 technologies; (b) offers a large coverage of web surveys for collecting data; (c) presents inconspicuous methods to compile data from online archives and documents; (d) tackles new practical resources and tools, including their location and possibility of following up with up-to-date developments; and (e) helping readers regarding their theoretical, ethical, and practical issues of utilizing the Internet in research. This book represents a primary source for researchers who aim to evaluate the way latest techniques, tools and methods in internet-mediated research may support and expand research in their own field.