This book introduces critical approaches to terrorism studies. In spite of the fact that there is a developing body of Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) literature that addresses empirical examples and conceptual evolution, not much has been written about this type of research can  as well as the key to systematize this type. CTS tackles 3 central themes:

  1. The status of terrorism studies and critical terrorism studies in the field of International Relations (IR);

  2. Methodological and Theoretical illustration of critical approaches to terrorism studies;

  3. Empirical elaborations of those approaches.

This book is quite fruitful in guiding students of terrorism studies, critical security studies, sociology, and IR. It draws on an array of intriguing material, and presents an outlook of a series of non-variable oriented methodological approaches. This book also puts forward empirical examples that show how these approaches have been and can be adopted by students, educators, and postgraduate researchers to able to study terrorism critically and thoroughly.