21 Nov 2016


Director's Message

The world we confront involves many very complex systems, whether we are talking of ecosystems, or the climate system or the functioning human brain or the economic transactions around the globe.  To try to understand these complex systems, we try to undertake Systems Analysis to model their functioning, to explain past phenomena, and to anticipate patterns of development into the future.

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In This Issue

The amount of time publication takes is a growing concern among researchers. The seemingly never-ending process, beginning with submission, rejection, and a long period of constant reviewing is both time and energy consuming. This could ultimately harm job, grant and tenure applications and offset previously projected deadlines.

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 AESA Launches the Grand Challenges Africa Grants

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AESA will commit US$ 7 Million in innovation grants to catalyse pioneering research to achieve health and development outcomes.

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