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May 15 2016 Sunday 11:52 AM

The Greatest accomplishment of Global Health: Eradication of Small Pox

Modified Date 15-May-2016     Global Health is different and so much better than in your great grandfather’s era.  Clinicians worked together with public health workers and global health scientists to eradicate one of the most deadly diseases known to man. We can continue the success of smallpox if we work together on other local problems, we can have an enormous global impact. The history of the rise and fall of smallpox is a success story for "modern“ clinicians and public health alike. Millions of people died in Europe and Mexico as a result of widespread smallpox epidemi ...

May 12 2016 Thursday 09:33 AM

Everyone student should learn about global health

Modified Date 12-May-2016
We feel that every student in no matter what discipline should learn about global health.  Global Health has shaped societies over the years, such as with the plague. Great wars have been lost due to infection. There is also an enormous cost to the world for disease.  In addition, before it would take months if no years to cross the world. Now we can do this in ours. Medical students need to think about the patients in front of them, but also people half way across the world.       Local health and international health blend together to lead to Global ...

May 10 2016 Tuesday 09:46 AM

Health is a human right

Modified Date 12-May-2016

We believe that every student and faculty member in the world should know at least a little bit about global health.  We have recently had scares with Ebola, H1N1 and the epidemic of obesity.  Zita is robbing the minds of our most vulnerable, our babies.  To understand and to fight fear, knowledge of global health is essential.       The United Nations after the horror of WWII set forth a very important declaration of Human Rights. It is designed for governments to recognize the need and  value of their citizens.  A primary concern of ...

May 05 2016 Thursday 09:21 AM

Diplodocus Carnegii

Modified Date 05-May-2016 On Sunday Vint Cerf and Sigrid Cerf were in Pittsburgh to give the commencement address at the University of Pittsburgh.  Vint is the father of the Internet, and was just inducted as a foreign member to the Royal Society of Science in the UK.  This is one of the most prestigious societies.    We gave Vint a Diopdocus Carnegii. AndrewwCarnegie and his dinosaurs are symbolic of the BA, Vint, Ismail and all of us. Carnegie changed the world with the industrial revolution in steel. He also built 3000 libraries and was second to the Internet in sharing information.  H ...

May 03 2016 Tuesday 09:36 AM

Supercourse and Global Health

Modified Date 03-May-2016 In many countries in the world there are few good teachers.  It is not because these educators are not bright, but rather it is due to the fact that the educational materials are 10-15 years old.  It is impossible to have a good lecture when one’s materials are ancient. A 15 year old lecture on molecular biology is a historical artifact.  Journals are one way that scientists keep up with the literature, however subscribing to the BMJ represents 2-3 months salary for a doctor in Uzbekistan. We came up with a simple yet very effective solution, that of collecting the ...