December 28 2016 Wednesday 10:50 AM
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The year of the monkey has treated us well


Friends, it has been a very exciting time for the BA Serageldin-Euclid library of Alexandria.  The year 2016 was amazing. During this year we have identified over 600,000 faculty world wide and contacted them.  We built the Research Library of Alexandria, virtual library.  Then we collected over 6,711 research methods books from leaders world wide and send them to the library of Alexandria. The virtual and book collection was the first and largest research collection library in the world and we contacted 100,000s faculty world wide to tell them about this.  This all occurred in less than an 8 month period.

The Research methods library is highly significant. At the center of all of science is research methods.  We were able to create at the Library of Alexandria the first and largest research methods library. This brings the library to the heart of science, and the Library of Alexandria thus becomes a major scientific hub.

This has been developed by Dr. Serageldin and his team at the Library of Alexandria, and Dr. LaPorte and his team at the university of Pittsburgh.  We decided that for all Dr. Serageldin has done at the library of Alexandria, that we would name this library the BA Serageldin-Euclid research library.  It is designed to help young researchers by providing a central place where they can obtain information about research methods. 

As this evolved, the Library of Alexandria under the direction of Diana Elshennawy was developing the BA Africa. This is an extremely important web site that highlights Science in Africa and Arabic Countries.  This is a plethora of every useful information for those in African and Arabic countries to learn about research in these areas and how to develop expertise.  In addition, it is designed to expose those outside this region about the rapid growth of science here.


At the same time we built the Central Asian Journal of global Health.  This is the first open source, open access, peer reviewed, English language journal in Central Asia.  In a 5 year period this journal has rapidly taken off under the direction of Faina Linkov. It is different than most as it is a mentored journals. Amazingly, over 61 top flight articles have been published.  We hope to expand the concept of a mentored journal to Arabic and African countries.

During 2016 we also established a new statistical teaching aid, the Euclid Matrix. This is a system that provided multiple videos about difficult subjects in statistics. For example there are 5 videos presented about variance from different direction.  This is multilingual, and targets those in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, countries.

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