December 15 2016 Thursday 01:39 PM
Modified Date 15-Dec-2016

We are very pleased that the Library of Alexandria created a beautiful video of the arrival of the Sealand Washington to the Port of Alexandria, and then Followed the continued voyage to the Library of Alexandria. Now all 6711 research methods books are in the library of Alexandria waiting to be catalogued and shelved. You can see the video at: 

The stars of the show were Lamia Abdelfattah and  Hend Shennawy.  They gave a wonderful performance describing the birth of the development of the research method library. The production crew has been wonderful to make this an exciting description of the making of the library.

In addition, we received a beautiful picture from NASA from Andrew Steele (Digitalglobe)  the picture is presented below. This picture was taken from space of the library of Alexandria. It is beautiful as it is to our knowledge the first photograph from space. You can look down on the library of Alexandria and see 3000 years of history.  You can look up and see the stars and the future.  It is great

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season. This is our holiday card to you for the new year.

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