September 18 2016 Sunday 10:50 AM
Modified Date 18-Sep-2016

As presented we have been exceptionally successful in improving the health of almost all countries and the world.  We have been able to do this as the result of improved agriculture and nutrition, lack of global wars since 1945, and hygiene which attacks the bacteria from our environment.

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for prevention.  However, we believe that the future to improve health will be based upon the Internet and hand held devices.  Prevention for the most part is information sharing.  With the Internet and cell phones we can reach any one of the 57 million homeless people in India.  Currently there are about 8 million people on earth, and 8 million cell phones.  The future is the application of prevention to the internet and cell phones.

For those young people who are considering global health, also consider bringing the internet and mobile technology with you!!

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