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During the last 30 years I have engaged in global health and Global science with the World Health Organization, and now with the Library of Alexandria. I have learned much on this adventure and fun  in this blog I will provide for you thoughts concerning global health and Science as well as tips as to how to engage oneself in this area.  During this 30 thirty year period of time we have seen an explosion of interest in global health by  young people across the world. It is indeed an honor to join Dr. Serageldin and the Library of Alexandria in this effort.

The approach that will be taken will be that of presenting information about global health and science using modified form of hypertext comic book. We invented the term Hypertext comic book in an article in Nature 20 years ago. The concept is simple.  When I was a child I loved comic books and had a collection of over 2000.  Superman would take me souring, and I would read of the exploits of GI Joe, and of Casper the friendly ghost.  Even today when I visit my sister in Buffalo, I look at these comic books and remember almost word for word about their content.  Later in life we would argue that the optimal form of scientific communication is that of a hypertext comic book with iconic imagery supplemented with annotation.  This is what we will pursue.

Figure 1During this voyage we will take you to the Library of Alexandria supercourse of science, and I will identify wonderful presentations of science developed by world leaders. I will present parts of these to you and discuss why they are so important for global health and prevention.  With this you will begin to understand global healthWe at the community of interest of the library of Alexandria look forward to you coming for the ride.

The British Medical Journal wrote an article about our work in 1998. The posted with it my picture and called me “The Professor of Telepreventive medicine”. I have aged some, but still know that now and the future telepreventive medicine is the key to global health.  believe I am well qualified for this global trip. I am Professor Emeritus, and former director of a WHO Collaborating Center, at the University of Pittsburgh. I established the WHO Multinational project for childhood diabetes which may have been the largest project in global health with over 155 centers in 70 countries. In addition I have published over 530 scientific publications, most about global health. I also am a member of the Library of Alexandria research team. My particular interest has been the application of the Internet and Mobile technology to Global Health and Science

I will be presenting blog Graphic Chapters about global health. These can be read one by one, but if read together will provide for you a mosaic of Global Health and Science today. I hope you enjoy this.

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