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Dear Nursing Faculty and Students,

May 12th is Florence Nightingale’s 197th birthday.  Nurses and researcher world wide should celebrate her as a “Compassionate Statistician”. Students should learn about her skills with research methods.

We are with the library of Alexandria  and have established the first free Research methods library.  This has 1000s of online research methods, and will have close to 10,000 books available for use. Florence Nightingales statistical work will be prominently on display.

We are contacting nurse educators to see if you could help “spread the word” of Florence Nightingale the statistician, the   importance of statistics for Nursing and of course her birthday.  As we have been developing the Library we have become very impressed with Florence Nightingale, the Statistician.  We all know  her for  modernizing nursing.  However, many do not know that she was one of the most famous important  statistical experts.  She developed statistical technologies and data visualization techniques that are still in use today and was the first women inducted into the Royal Statistical Society.

We are encouraging all Nurse Educators and Students to read about her at:

By the time of her birthday on May 12,  we would appreciate if you would distribute this note to list servers, universities, nursing journals and magazines and especially nursing students. We want as many as possible to know about her statistical approach to nursing.  We feel that every nurse in the world should have a degree of statistics Literacy. If you would like to join us to share statistical knowledge, please contact me at

Below is a slide you can use when talking about the statistical skills she developed.​

If you need statistics help, come visit us at the library of alexandria


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