January 29 2017 Sunday 09:22 AM
Modified Date 29-Jan-2017

I wanted to tell you all that we are having another book drive to bring then number of research methods books up to close to 20000. I know you are all very busy, but if you would like to donate research methods books it would be most appreciated. 

In thinking about this, we decided to include a section in the library on the history of statistics.  I am in the process of contacting experts on the history of statistics. We would like to include books, and an archive of materials from those who helped to establish the field.  If you have a chance, we would appreciate if you could write to me about what might be included. (ronaldlaporte@gmail.com)

As I was playing around the history of statistics, I came across three comments about the origins of statistics coming from Egypt, resulting from counting of cattle, money (taxation) and census.   I cannot nail down a scientific reference for this.

I like to play around with Google ngram, as it gives a picture of usage of specific words over time. The results come out most fascinating.  Here is the usage for the word “statistics”  Why do you think there has been about a 20% drop since 1980

I then looked at more specific statistical terms. It appears that ANOVA has become one of the major statistics of choice. However, linear regression and t test have leveled out.  Why do you think this has occurred? I suspect that the early rise was the result of computers being able to handle the data, but I do not know.bbb

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