January 15 2017 Sunday 09:16 AM
Modified Date 15-Jan-2017

As we have indicated, we have collected and shipped over 6700 research methods books to the BA Serageldin Euclid Library of Alexandria.  The books are being catalogued, the donors names are put on plaques in each book, and then the books will be shelved in the permanent collection of the Library of Alexandria. In a few weeks the books will all be in the permanent storage, and the donors of the books get to spend 3-400 years with Euclid, Dr. Serageldin, and of course me.  It is indeed an honor that you have donated books and that we have a few 100 years together.

“You cannot discover a new land unless you lose sight of the shore”

Fritz Scheuren suggested that we do another book collection.  We are arranging for another collection mid July to early August, as this is the time for the Joint Statistical Meetings.  Also several statistical experts with large collections have contacted me saying that they wanted to donate their books.  As I have indicated, look at your book shelves.  I suspect that you have read in the past 5 years as many of your statistics books, as you have read Ulysses, the Scarlet Letter, or Crime and Punishment. Many of my statistics books I have not read in 30 year, similar to the last time I read the Scarlet letter.  Also, I had some that were decades old, but still well preserved in their plastic wrapping.   Why not donate some of  your statistics books to the budding young researchers in Arabic or African Countries?  We are especially interested in books on research methods that you have written.  Come Join Euclid and our Global Library of Alexandria Grid for the next few centuries.

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for” (we have always been on the bloody edge!!)

If we find enough donors, we will do the same as we did with the first shipment.  Your books will be sent to a warehouse in NYC, and them placed on a cargo ship. It will take 2-3 weeks to reach the Library of Alexandria, where your books will be unloaded and taken to the library.  You can see who has donated already.  http://www.pitt.edu/~super1/ResearchMethods/SerageldinEuclidLibrary.htm

It is nice to see that so many so far has joined.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors” (African Proverb)

We have good news.  We were not exactly sure as to if we would exist in 2017. We accomplished an enormous amount in 2016 by establishing a million member BA Grid, the BA Serageldin-Euclid, the largest research methods library, our Central Asian journal and the BA Euclid Matrix.  In Nov. and Dec, we held back doing much as we were running on fumes.  A primary source of funding was the NILB (National Institute of LaPorte Bank).  However the Library of Alexandria came through with partial funding as did the American Statistical Association.  We should be able to continue for another year.  Our primary need has been to fund the center of our project, Eugene Shubnikov from Russia. The rest of us have been working pro bono.  This will give us another year to collect your books and include them in the BA Serageldin-Euclid library to last there until at least 2417.  We will make your books as permanent as the library of Alexandria.  If any of you would like to contribute books (or a monetary donation), please let us know.

Please contact me at ronaldlaporte@gmail.com if you would like to join Euclid and us in the Library of Alexandria permanent collection.

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