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2016 Oct 0
From top left, clockwise: male orangequit; female tungara frog; purple mort bleu butterfly; sunflower; red coral; Galapagos marine iguana (Dick Daniels, Brian Gratwicke, David Bygott, Marcin Szala, Parent Géry Encyclopedia of Life

Big Data Just Got Bigger as IBM's Watson Meets the Encyclopedia of Life

Source: smithsonianmag    

2016 Oct 0

Robotic Ubiquitous Cognitive Ecology for Smart Homes

Source: Springer    

2016 Sep 0

Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection

Source: Oecd-ilibrary    

2016 May 0

Decentralized Renewable Energy Pricing and Allocation for Millimeter Wave Cellular Backhaul

Source: IEEE    

2016 Apr 0

Combining K-Means and K-Harmonic with Fish School Search Algorithm for data clustering task on graphics processing units

Source: ScienceDirect    

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