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Mar 12 2013

Ancient Alexandria and the Dawn of Medical Science

Dr Ismail Serageldin had agreed with Sir Magdi Yacoub, 'a great modern day leader of medicine', to write an article on the contributions of the Library of Alexandria to knowledge and science. "Ancient Alexandria and the Dawn of Medical Science" documents the story of a great period in the history of medicine and the establishment of the famous medical school in old Alexandria. It was published in the Global Cardiology Science and Practice Journal, Volume 2013.47.

Oct 04 2008

An interview with Dr. Mirta Roses Periago

This interview is with the Director of the Pan American Health Organization, Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, in which she gives her vision and opinion of the work and contribution of PAHO/WHO in the area of emergencies and disasters.

May 19 2006

WHO Strategic Technical Advisory Group on the Global Malaria Programme

LEE Jong-wook was nominated on 28 January 2003 by the World Health Organization's Executive Board for the post of Director-General of the agency and elected to the post on 21 May by the Member States of WHO for a five-year term.

Mar 06 2003

Developments in Gender and Public Health and Managing Gender Equity in Staffing within WHO

International Women's Day Seminar Speech by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland , Former WHO Director-General,

Feb 04 2002

Public Health and Private Medicine: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Introduction: Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a very distinct pleasure to welcome you here, to the Library of Alexandria, reborn after an absence of 1600 years. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s ambition is to once more bring world-class learning, intellectual dialogue and scientific discourse to the very spot where the ancient Library of Alexandria once stood.