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April 27 2016 Wednesday 03:55 PM

The World of Global Health and research

Modified Date 03-May-2016 "Global Health Network Supercourse Project" as Science Supercourse at the Library of Alexandria -   During the next few months we will be presenting global health so that you can understand the excitement of fun of being involved with global health, and being engaged with global health.  The first part of this effort is a presentation that has been seen by 100,000s of people. It was developed by Faina Linkov and a team of experts world wide. I very  much like this as most people have a ...

April 27 2016 Wednesday 03:47 PM

Taking you around the world with global health and science

Modified Date 27-Apr-2016   During the last 30 years I have engaged in global health and Global science with the World Health Organization, and now with the Library of Alexandria. I have learned much on this adventure and fun  in this blog I will provide for you thoughts concerning global health and Science as well as tips as to how to engage oneself in this area.  During this 30 thirty year period of time we have seen an explosion of interest in global health by  young people across the world. It is indeed an honor to join Dr. Serageldin and the Library of Alexandria in this effort. The ...