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Modified Date 23-Mar-2017

Reaching all 151,000,000 college students in the world

Gangnam Style:  2,800,000,000 views

H1N1 Supercourse lecture:  50,000,000 views

WHO Definition of Health:  > 1,000,000

Golden Lecture of Global Health:  >100,000

The World of Statistics:  150,000,000(?)

We need your ideas as to how to make statistical literacy go viral. Please share with your students, we need your help.

“See you Again” (2,500,000,000)

The Internet is a powerful tool to reach as with Gangnam style almost 3 billion people.  What a remarkable achievement.  Over the past 20 years we have honed our ability to make messages go viral.  Our crowning achievement was our Just in Time H1N1 lecture which was released shortly after the first case was diagnosed. The Supercourse and the Library of Alexandria likely

 reached more people with the message of Global Health, than any  group other than WHO.

Making our message go viral is a powerful tool for building global awareness of health and global health. It can also be a powerful tool to plant the seed of the importance of statistics in the minds of college student. Our goal similar to our teaching so many students the WHO Definition of Health.  Here we distributed the definition to a large proportion of universities, and  151 million students.

We want to have you generate ideas for a youtube multilingual video that will capture the minds  of young people world wide.  We want to build a Gangham Style video about research methods and statistics that lasts but 5 minutes.

“Sorry”: (2,300,000,000)

We know of no statistical video that has gone viral, it would be great to be the first one.  There have not been viral songs about ANOVA, or Logistic Regression. The goal is not to make young people Deming, R.A. Fisher, Gauss or Pearson.  Rather we want our students to appreciate statistics and data whether they are studying History, Philosophy, Medicine, Epidemiology, or Engineering. 

What Does the Fox Say (651,000,000 views)

What does Statistics Say (goal, 151,000,000)

“Uptown Funk”  (2,200,000,000)

Initial ideas that have been proposed:  What does 40% chance of rain mean?, What statistical approach can I use to find the perfect date?  What are the chances of getting into Cambridge?  What dose grading on a curve mean? How can I get rich with big data? It is amazing that virtually all scientists who work with data, use statistics.  We need to reach all students.

“Funny cat complication” (121,000,000)

We need your help to make the world appreciate statistics. Please send to me ( some of your cool ideas to “hook” young people and get them on the statistical literacy train!

“Oppa Gangnam Style”:  (2.8B)

“It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics” (G.B. Shaw)

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