February 27 2017 Monday 08:01 AM
Modified Date 27-Feb-2017

We have been very pleased in the past year to have built the largest research methods library.  Last week Dr. Serageldin (Director of the Library of Alexandria), Fritz Scheuren (Statistical Guru), Ron Wasserstein (Secretary of the American Statistical Association), Faina Linkov and I met.  It was a wonderful meeting.

“Build Quality In”,  (Deming)

We have decided to build something potentially more powerful than the BA Serageldin Euclid Library; the BA Serageldin Research Methods Center at the library of Alexandria.  The idea is to create a new and different center for research methods.  The focus of this will be on several cutting edge issues of statistics. For each we will collect the technologies, and share these for free, as well as educational materials and help.

  1. Classical Statistics:  Here we already have the major books and network

  2. < >  W. Edwards Deming transformed the world with his work on Quality control.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._Edwards_Deming.  Deming is my idol

    Big Data:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_data  Big data is one of the hottest topics in statistics, industry and computer science

        “Data is the new science.  Big Data holds the answers” (Gelsinger)

  3. Research Methods Librarianship:  Most libraries have little expertise in research methods librarianship.  We will grow this  as part of the Librarian training program at the library of Alexandria with the goal that all libraries should have statistical expertise.

  4. Statistics and Policy:  We have seen the misuse of statistics by politicians, and government officials

“A goal without a method is nonsense.” (Deming)

We plan to build a network for each of the components and grow expertise at the library. To our knowledge there has been no comprehensive collection of research technology, training materials and help for these topics. This would be the first in Egypt, Developing countries, Science and the world.  We will share  expertise for free to libraries and researchers world wide.

“If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.” (Deming)

Deming Lecture:  Please come to the JSM,  it will be dynamite.

“The ASA has chosen Fritz Scheuren, senior fellow and vice president in the Center for Excellence in Survey Research at NORC, as the recipient of its 2017 Deming Lecture Award.”


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