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Mostafa Kamal Tolba , Maurice strong and Ismail Serageldin

It is now widely appreciated that protecting the environment is an important activity and that environmental services are frequently only dimly perceived and inadequately understood. From insect pollinators of most flowering plants to the flood-prevention functions of forests these services are beginning to be understood and we now value the environment for more than the raw materials that it can provide through mining or agriculture. Continue Reading...

Ismail Serageldin
Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina(BA)


Ron's Corner University of Pittsburgh, World Health Organization
  • The US has less than 4% of its forests left

  • 40% of our waterways are undrinkable

  • 200,000 people a day are moving to cities from environments that no longer support them

  • Each year Americans alone throw away 18 billion disposable diapers. In perspective, this is enough to extend from the earth to the moon and back 7 times

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